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Compass at KPS

Compass is an online Student Management Platform that provides our school with immediate, on-demand access (anywhere, anytime) to student performance, wellbeing and much more. Some of the key area’s we have been using Compass for at KPS include roll marking, incident reporting, assessment and reporting writing. Compass also includes a daily newsfeed and we are starting to utilise the events and payment modules of Compass as we move forward.

Follow the link: to access Compass and login using your username and password. If you have not yet received a username and password, you will need to speak to either Daniel Wells or Nick Besley. Staff members here at KPS are happy to help you get familiarised with Compass, so please feel free to ask questions and seek clarification if at all unsure or confused.


Paul Jones (our ICT Technician) will also be able to help you get setup and familiarised with using Compass. He is available on Tuesday and Friday mornings between 8am and 11am and often works out of the ICT Repair Room in the Senior Building.

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