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Numeracy at KPS

At Korumburra Primary School, we believe that students learn best when they are actively involved in their education. Education is not something that happens to students, it is a lifelong process that requires involvement and communication between students, teachers and home.

Korumburra Primary School teachers strive to ensure students are actively engaged with mathematical concepts through problem-solving and provide meaningful contexts. Teachers aim to provide students with learning experiences in which they can explore and experience mathematical concepts. Thus students are able to create understanding from experience-based learning which is more meaningful to students. This method can help engage and motivate students to have an active role in the learning process.

We strive to teach the four mathematical proficiencies (fluency, reasoning, understanding and problem solving) utilising rich, investigative tasks where each student can be challenged and experience a degree of success.

We believe that to show true conceptual understanding, students must be able to display their knowledge using mathematical symbols, make it using materials and explain it using the correct mathematical language. We believe this is important and thus each lesson will involve these three aspects of mathematics.




















Creativity in mathematics is highly valued at Korumburra Primary School. Students are challenged with problems and given the opportunity to explain the method that they have used to get their answer. We are constantly amazed at the range of methods a class can use to solve a problem. Through this, each new method is valued, explained and explored by the class, leading to a greater level of understanding of the mathematical concept.


At Korumburra Primary School each student is catered for, no matter where they sit in the mathematical learning progression.


For any tips for students beginning at school please use the following link.

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